EuroPass Certificate

We Issue a EuroPass Certificate.

EuroPass is a professional free movement document within the European Union. In other words, it is the name of the document issued to go to work from any of the European Union countries.

This document consists of 3 parts and the most important part is the European language passport, which is the language proficiency certificate. That is the document that we give you at the end of the training at British Culture. The number of our certificate of authorization is R006 / 2012, therefore the English Language Proficiency Certificate you will receive an official document that can be used in free professional circulation within the European Union.

Likewise, students of other countries who want to make free professional movement within the island countries or the European Union can apply for their vocational training if they have a European Language Passport and a EuroPass. Along with the European Language Passport, the EuroPass certificate allows you to work in European Union countries for your profession.

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